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Reach DSL Long Range Broadband Service

Reach DSL provides broadband service to areas where customers cannot normally get service at all. This proprietary technology is able to operate on wires that are very far from the central office, and provides options for service where other phone companies say you cannot get service. Reach DSL is used by ACD on DSL loops that are greater than 18,000 feet from a central office. If you have been told by other providers that you cannot get DSL service, check with ACD by submitting a loop qualification by clicking here. Reach DSL may be an option for your home or business.

Although speeds are slower than traditional DSL, this service provides access where there are limited options. Reach DSL provides service up to 2mb/s up and down. However, at the ranges we deploy this service customers are often seeing speeds in the range of 300-800kb/s, which is many times faster than dial-up service. In addition to long range uses, ACD uses this technology to provide service where the copper wires are very low grade. Reach DSL is tuned to be able to operate over very old phone wires, and gives performance in areas where there are not other options.

In addition to Reach DSL service, and is very competitive packages, ACD also provides POTS telephone service that is less expensive than existing providers. Click here to view our service plans for POTS phone service for Businesses, or here for residential POTS phone service.

Reach DSL Performance Estimate

Graph of Reach DSL speeds vs distance

This chart is an estimate based upon the distance from the central office. Speed and performance are not guaranteed, and are dependant on equipment deployed, quality of the phone wires, and interference from the outside plant.