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Fiber Service - True Fiber and "Fiber" Service has been building, installing and providing fiber service for many years now. Our customers include fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals, associations, and small & medium businesses.

True Fiber vs. services that are Fiber Aggregated

Some providers today are advertising “Fiber Service”, “Riding on our Fiber Network”. Understanding what you are buying is important. A service that is aggregated to a fiber network, rather than a direct fiber-optic connection, is a different product. Knowing how you are connected is important. A true fiber line is generally at gigabit (1000mb/s) speeds. When some providers are advertising “Fiber Service” what they are actually providing over the last mile may be one of the many varieties of DSL or Digital Subscriber Line, Cable Modem, or T1 and T3 lines that all end up connecting to a “Fiber” backbone network. This is not the same as getting a direct fiber build. Fiber aggregation service is not “True Fiber.” How do you tell if you are buying true fiber?
  • The Speeds are Symmetrical: If the upload speeds are faster than the download speeds it’s not true fiber. Fiber optics operates at the same speed up as down.
  • Speeds are Burstable: A 50Mbps DSL service that is aggregated to Fiber is not capable of going faster than 50Mbps. The same is true of Cable Modem service.
  • True Fiber Build Time may be Extensive: Unless your building is already fed by fiber there is generally a build time of several weeks to months for the installation of actual fiber lines. This is because permits are required to be pulled for fiber builds.
True fiber service offers unlimited bandwidth for both upload and download: the “speed” or “bandwidth” is governed by the electronics at each end. Would you like 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, or more? Additionally, fiber is symmetrical; this means that the upload and download speeds are the same.

Fiber is amazing stuff!
  • It’s Fast! – The current record is 15.5 Terabits per second over a distance of 7,000 km. That’s the equivalent of 10.3 million 1.5Mbps T1 Connections.
  • It’s Secure! – It’s far easier to tap into copper or electrical wiring than it is to tap into fiber optic wiring in a surreptitious manner. Also, the financial investment of tapping into fiber is far greater than tapping into copper.
  • It Isn’t Affected by Weather! – Because fiber cables carry light instead of electricity it s not disturbed by changes in temperature, rain, or virtually any other environmental condition. That being said, it is not immune to everything like a tree limb, a wayward automobile, or a backhoe.
  • Fiber is Green! – Fiber is good for the environment. It takes a lot more electricity to transmit a signal over copper infrastructure vs a fiber infrastructure.’s network is 100% aggregated by Fiber! Announces Upgrade to our Mail Servers

You may have noticed a great reduction in the amount of spam your recieving. Our network engineers have been working hard continuing to upgrade our mail servers with one of the most advanced Spam filters on the market today. It continually adapts itself to detect spam.

For the most part it does a great job, but occasionally a spam slips through. Currently, if the system determines is unsure that an email is spam but it has some markings of spam it will add a "[SPAM]" to the subject line. As we all tell the system that the email is either spam or not, the system adapts and learns, it will stop delivering the messages marked as spam.

When you receive a spam, you have a choice to either just delete it and move on, or report it to the spam filter to help improve its performance. To report the spam select the message in your inbox, right-click and select "Forward as attachment." (If your email software doesn't support "Forward as attachment" simply forward the email.) Address it to and click send. You've done your duty and added the evil spam to the spam filter's collection.

Any help from you is much appreciated and will make a better experience for all of us!

Here are some details of how our spam filter works:

1) Anyone you email will never have a message blocked.
2) Never email a spammer - you validate their address authorizing them to spam us.
3) Don't forward spam (except to - it makes the spam filter think we like it.
4) Report spam by forwarding it to the address.
5) The spam filter keeps track of mail we send and spam we receive - if an incoming message is not from someone we've emailed and it's more like the mail we send than the spam we receive then it gets through. Otherwise it's blocked and the sender gets the message, "Mail appears to be unsolicited - report errors to"
6) If you become aware that mail you want is being blocked send the sender an email so their mail isn't blocked any more.

We setup several special email addresses that do the following: - returns an email with these instructions - report spam - report mail this isn't spam - request to add addresses to the whitelist - request to remove addresses from the whitelist

As always, if you have any questions give our support staff a call at 517.999.9999 or 877-422-3638, option 1. We are here 24x7x365!

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