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Upgrade your Communications System with ACD. iPBX!

Are you ready to upgrade your businesses phone system?’s iPBX brings a big business phone system to your business without the upfront expense of a new Phone System! For a low monthly fee you get a state-of-the-art communications system for your business!

Never buy a maintenance contract! Never pay a programming fee! Never pay for an upgrade!

Our iPBX derlivers a powerful, full-featured, enterprise-class phone system with the cost or hassle of having an on-site PBX. There is equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space.

It's packed with features only available in the most expensive PBX systems. Features like Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Remote Worker Support, Call Pick-Up Groups.

Focus on your business, not your phone system! Visit for more information.

Fraud Prevention Notification for SIP and VoIP PBX's
A few of our customers have recently experienced substantial losses due to fraudulent activity and insufficient security measures. In an effort to maintain integrity on our network as high as possible and to help protect our customers, we have implemented additional fraud prevention tools and are also sharing some tips on how to secure your VoIP deployments.

Prevention Tips

If you operate one or more PBX systems on public IP addresses, we urge you to please conduct a security audit of your system. The number of VoIP fraud cases is sharply rising and your best defense is the security of your own systems. Here are some tips:
  • Ensure that all SIP accounts or phone extensions on your PBX use strong passwords. Never choose simple passwords such as "100", "password" or "phone". Fraudsters are now using automated tools to brute-force attack PBX systems, finding accounts with weak passwords and using them to their advantage.
  • If your PBX has a setting for allowing anonymous inbound calls from the Internet, please disable it. Some PBX configurations are set up to automatically forward inbound calls to the first available outbound trunk if the call cannot be routed to any internal SIP account or phone extension which, when combined with the setting for allowing anonymous inbound calls, makes for a very vulnerable PBX system.
  • Do general security audits of your systems. If the system hosting your PBX is hacked, your PBX could be used for fraudulent calls, or your ACD SIP credentials may even be stolen and used to originate fraudulent calls from a remote location. Please consult a qualified System Administrator or your PBX vendor if you are unsure how to security audit your systems.

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