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1800 N Grand River Ave, Lansing MI 48906 (517) 999-9999 NEWSBRIEF - January 28th 2010

An Example of ACD's Traffic Graphing.

ACD announces new online traffic graphs for all Business DSL, T1, and Fiber customers! We have built and implemented new servers that query all network connections on our network and record the bandwidth utilization of each connection every few minutes. This data is then put on a graph, for one day, one week, one month and one year.

The graphs show how much bandwidth is used for both download and upload. It is important to understand that we are graphing the data from our (ACD's) equipment that is connected to you. On the graph "In", the green color refers to how much traffic we are receiving from you, which is your upload. "Out", the blue color, refers to how much traffic we are sending to you, which is your download. Most residential customers use more download traffic, because many applications such as view videos or browsing web pages are tied to download. An example of upload traffic is when you are sending a large email with attachments.

This is very helpful for planning how much bandwidth a business will need, and allows you to see how much bandwidth you are using on your broadband connection. The graphs use a decaying average. As with all averaging, the length of time that you average over will determine the peak and smoothness of the graph. So the daily graph will show the highest peaks and valleys, and generally will provide the most accurate representation.

These reports are accessible now. Here is how you get to them:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on Manage Services.
  3. Scroll down to your Business T1 or DSL account. You should see the graph there.
  4. To expand the view of the graph, click on it, this will show your today's data and the historical data.

If you do not see a graph for your DSL, T1, or Fiber connection, please submit a service ticket for your account. Since this is new, we are still doing some fine tuning.

The federal government, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has made funds available (both loan and grant funds) for the expansion of broadband infrastructure. The funding is targeted to be used to build broadband in unserved or underserved markets, where residents and businesses have little or no broadband access. ACD has applied for funding to build broadband infrastructure in the rural areas of four counties in Michigan. The counties are Berrien, Cass, Hillsdale, and Branch. We don't know if these will get funded, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. You can find more information about this at which is a news site, as well as at the government site at

Are you or your business looking to cut costs at your home or business? ACD offers phone service that is very cost effective. Also if you have a broadband connection with us already you are likely to save even more money. ACD's phone packages are as low as $24.95 for both home and business accounts. Businesses that buy a number of lines can save even more. Local phone service is far less expensive than cell phone service and is higher quality and does not disconnect due to bad reception. For more information go to, or contact our sales department at 517-999-9999, or email