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1800 N Grand River Ave, Lansing MI 48906 (517) 999-9999 NEWSBRIEF - December 23th 2009

One of ACD’s engineers with our metropolitan wireless units.
Happy Holidays from ACD! We hope they are enjoyable for you and your family. Around this time of year we have a few kids running around the office here at ACD. School is out and their parents bring them in to help out at the office, rather than sending them to daycare. So, we have some extra workers this week helping out at the office.

This time of year is a little bit slower for us, and we are working on many projects and upgrades to improve our service and reliability. We just completed the installation of an additional APC Battery Backup and are working on upgrading the switch capacity in our datacenter to handle the additional collocation customers moving equipment in.

Over the month of December and January, we are working on upgrading the wiring and facilities in our downtown Lansing central office to move to the new Wirewrap blocks. We have already completed these upgrades in North and West Lansing, and East Lansing. We will be making some major announcements over the next couple of months on new network wide upgrades. Keep an eye out for them.

Holiday Hours for our support department:

December 24th   6am - 8pm
December 25th   9am - 5pm
December 31st   6am - 8pm
January 1st   9am - 5pm

As always, business customers have access to support 24/7.

Recently the state house and senate passed a bill that is unfriendly to new phone companies such as ACD. This bill was shoved through the legislature in record time, aided by the existing phone monopolies. Many in the industry opposed the legislation but due to heavy lobbying by AT&T it got done any ways. Read about it on the Lansing State Journal. Click Here:

Wifi Service is available in select areas of Lansing, and also all across Springfield, Michigan, which is near Battle Creek. In Springfield, ACD participated in a pilot project with the MEDC and HUD for deploying Wifi at a discounted rate. ACD has deployed an eight square mile network. All residents in Springfield are able to receive fast Internet service for only $9.95 per month for another two years. Businesses are also able to receive service at business rates in Springfield. For more information about our Wifi service in Springfield, or to sign up, click here: You may also call us at 1-877-4-ACDNET.