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1800 N Grand River Ave, Lansing MI 48906 (517) 999-9999 NEWSBRIEF - November 18th 2009

Collocation Cabinets in our datacenter.
Wirewrap panels we are deploying as part of our wiring upgrades.
As you may have noticed that ACD sends out maintenance notices related to wiring upgrades most weeks. ACD is working on constantly upgrading our network to improve performance and reliablity. In addition to our other maintenance, we have a special two person crew that work four nights a week that is upgrading the wiring facilities at the central offices where ACD has deployed equipment.

Why are we doing all of these upgrades? There are several benefits for you. First, it decreases the likelyhood of service issues, because the newer panels provide a more secure type of connection for the wiring between the wires that go to your house or business that connect to our equipment. Second, these new panels increase performance and speed of your DSL line, and improve the quality of the voice phone line because they are better at preserving a high quality signal. Thirdly, after nine years being a competitive phone company, we have learned a lot. We now see where we could have done better, so we are making the investment in upgrading all of our facilities to the latest technology.

ACD has already completed this maintenance in Northwest Lansing, and in South Lansing, and we are finishing up with East Lansing this week. We will eventually be upgrading most locations on our network. When we do the maintenance, we send out maintenance notices to your email address (if you are a technical contact you will get the email), and also posted on When we do the maintenance, specific customers are down for about 30-45 minutes during the middle of the night as we do the upgrade. Most customers never notice anything being an issue, since we are getting very quick and reliable at completing these upgrades.

Holiday Hours for our support department:

Thanksgiving Day   9am - 3pm
Friday Nov. 27th   9am - 5pm

In addition to the 24/7/365 network monitoring, our 24-hour support for Enterprise customers is always available during the holidays.

There is a lot proposed changes coming in the broadband and telecommunications industry. The FCC is currently looking at ways to extend the speed and reach of broadband services. One of the proposals is to re-allocate airwaves available to digital TV to make them available to Broadband service. If the proposals are implemented, it will take a couple of years before equipment is available for this proposed spectrum. A good article on the issue is here:

ACD offers Collocation services; this service provides a secure enviroment for customers to place thier servers within the ACD datacenter. We provide secure cabinets with power, bandwidth and monitoring for a low fixed price. You will have access to the most reliable datacenter in the region, and can put in your own computers for web hosting, backup purposes, and/or running your phone systems across multiple locations. More information is available at: or please contact business sales at ACD at 517.999.9999 or