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1800 N Grand River Ave, Lansing MI 48906 (517) 999-9999 NEWSBRIEF - November 4th 2009

Real time monitoring of entire network, Weather Radar, call queue monitoring and status.
We thought that you might like to see our Network Operations Center support facility to which your calls are directed when you dial support, 1-517-999-9999, press “1”. As a reminder, our end-user telephone support hours are:

Additionally, enterprise and/or mission critical business class customers may access our Mission Critical Support (MCS). Please contact your ACD business salesperson to obtain your PIN number. MCS customers have an 800 number to call 24 X 7, During standard support hours they will be placed at “head of queue”, and after hours, the call will page our 24 X 7 on call staff.

You can also access your account information, submit trouble tickets, and update you’re the contact list. Customer Account is accessible at, and it will prompt you for a username and password. If you do not know your username and password, there is a link to get it, or you may call our support line and ask the support person for both. You’ll be able enter your own service requests, view and make payments, manage selected services and add or delete account contacts.

Most of us use digital cameras today and end up with a large number files with names something like “DSC01174.JPG”.

We have come across a free file renaming software for Windows that is very powerful and flexible, an dmakes the categorizaiton of your pictures much easier.

To download this free program go to:

The end-user now has several options for high bandwidth.  Options include “true” fiber,  circuit based fiber, and Ethernet First Mile (EFM).  True fiber is fiber that is run from a fiber optic network such as ACD’s to your building, either underground, above ground, or a combination of both.  True fiber theoretically has unlimited capacity to carry data, voice and video, and may be connected to your network via an Ethernet handoff.  ACD engineers, runs, splices and support fiber throughout Michigan.  Sometimes sold as "fiber", A T3 or DS3 is circuit based fiber provisioned similar to a T1 and has a bandwidth limit of 45Mbps.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM), a new DSL service from ACD is an excellent and cost effective choice for high bandwidth, up to 45Mbps.  EFM is a full duplex and symmetrical (same speed upload as download) DSL. Click here for more information about Ethernet First Mile Service:

For more information, please contact business sales at ACD at 517.999.9999 or