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ACD Loop Length Estimator

This form will provide you with a loop length estimate for the length of the wires from a central office to an address that you input. The following services DSL, Ethernet Over Copper and T1 Lines. This will point you to the closest central office, after the data is submitted. You may cycle through the central offices, in the event you want to home a T1 to another central office for some reason. This is only an estimator, the loop length may be longer or shorter, because the wire does not always go in a straight line from the central office, and ACD sometimes has equipment deployed in other locations than just the Incumbent Central Office.

ADSL2+ (DSL): DSL is distance sensitive, meaning the speed of service may be adjusted based upon the length of a DSL Loop. For the DSL distance, ACD has added 20% to the distance estimate to account for wire distance overhead.

Bandwidth Chart for this service:

UltraSpeed Ethernet: This service is distance sensitive, however it has much higher speeds and multiple loops can be combined for better performance. For Ethernet over Copper ACD has added 20% for wire distance overhead.

Bandwidth Chart for this service:

T1 Lines: Generally T1 lines are not distance sensitive in terms of speed. However pricing can differ based upon how many miles the T1 line is from the central office, this is called the Mileage Charge. Sometimes either ACD or Customers will desire to send the T1 lines to different Central Offices due to design, engineering or reliability reasons. ACD has not added any distance overhead for T1 lines as often the physical distance does not matter, it is the Mileage that matters for pricing purposes.

Bandwidth Chart for this service:

Please remember this is only an estimator, not actual distance. ACD can query the wire infrastructure to obtain an actual distance.

To get an exact distance of your loop for ADSL2+ or Ethernet Service, you can contact us and we will run your address through our database to get an exact distance and speed of your service.

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