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Dialup Services is Michigan's number-one independent Internet access provider. Our reliable, unlimited Internet access and Web hosting services, outstanding technical support, useful information, and innovative services help our members have an enjoyable and productive Internet experience. And our prices are among the lowest in the industry! Perhaps that's why thousands are switching to ACD from other Internet providers and our existing members choose to stay. Join them, and get more value out of your Internet experience with!

No busy signals! 56K Dialup Access includes:

  • Local Access - 56K or ISDN
  • Unlimited access to the Internet
  • Toll-Free Support 24-Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
  • One Dynamically Assigned IP Address
  • No Hourly Limits*
  • Installation Support

Only $9.95 per month
Dialup is a local telephone company operating a telecom switch for our access numbers. This means that we have virtually unlimited capacity so you will never get a busy signal.
Getting started with ACD is easy. Signup Online or call a ACD representative at 1-877-4ACD-NET or locally in East Lansing at 333-0900 and in most cases, we will setup you up over the phone. You can begin using ACD right away!56K Internet Access Phone Numbers
*See Acceptable Use Policy

  • 56K v.92 Modems and ISDN
We have the latest technology and modems on our network. This allows you to connect as fast as possible.