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December 16, 2009 Selected to Provide Phone Service to the Lansing Public School System
ACD was awarded phone service contract through a competitive bidding process.
LANSING, Mich. - Lansing School District selects ACD as the phone service provider for the school district. ACD moved the Lansing School District to its digital phone service over the summer of 2009 from its previous provider. This is a multi-year contract with ACD and was won through a competitive bid process.
ACD provides services to numerous schools, libraries, and healthcare facilities, and business. "The ACD network is designed to be extremely reliable, and provide very cost effective services, without compromising quality or reliability. Our next generation digital phone and Internet network are engineered from the ground up to exceed the quality of the conventional phone network."
ACD has been providing phone service since 2000 on its next generation switched architecture, and provides digital phone service to thousands of entities, and residents throughout its statewide network.
ACD's service offers unlimited local calling, highly competitive long distance rates, very reliable service and significant cost savings. ACD built its state of the art network much later than other providers, and has been able to implement the latest technology into its phone network. ACD has full on line web-based phone service management directly online. Additional information about ACD's service can be found here.
ACD provides service to various educational institutions, including Michigan State University, and numerous school districts. To find out more about services to school systems and educational institutions, click here.
About ACD and ACD Telecom, Inc.
A Michigan-based company, ACD Telecom, Inc. in conjunction with, owns and maintains thousands of route-miles of fiber in communities throughout the state. The ACD fiber network connects to give businesses, institutions and other telecommunication carriers access to ACD. high bandwidth and redundant backbone networks, ACD. MPLS network and ACD. telephone services. has invested millions of dollars in its network. As a leading provider of telecommunications and Internet with a network that covers Michigan, ACD provides digital telephone service and broadband via DSL, fiber, T1s, T3s, and now Wi-Fi. ACD is headquartered in Lansing, Mich. Learn more about ACD and its commitment to the state of Michigan at