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September 14th, 2010 and REACH-3MC II Consortium win $69 Million Broadband Federal Stimulus Proposal

Nearly 1500 additional miles of fiber cable to be built throughout Upper Michigan to provide broadband services.

Lansing, Mich. –, as part of the REACH-3MC II broadband stimulus project has been awarded $69.6 million in federal funding to build, own and operate a 1200 mile fiber network throughout northern Michigan. This award is in addition to a January 2010 award for a 1000 mile of fiber network through Southern, Western, and Eastern areas of Michigan with a $41 million project. Together, over 2200 miles of additional fiber will be built.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, part of the Department of Commerce issued the grant funding as part of an application submitted in May 2010. The Grant was submitted by Merit Network, Inc., as part of a collaboration effort with and other participants. is a participant on the fiber network. Merit is owned by the public universities in Michigan, including Michigan State and the University of Michigan.

ACD's Fiber Network Infrastructure in Michigan.

"The expansion of infrastructure throughout Michigan will enable us to serve a diverse group of customers that demand high capacity services with ease. We applaud the investment into the State of Michigan", said Kevin Schoen, CEO of

ACD will use the network to provide broadband services to businesses, governments, healthcare, educational institutions and schools, cellular companies and other communication providers. In addition ACD expects to deliver last-mile services in certain markets.

ACD will deploy OC-192 SONET systems on the network, providing backward compatibility with Traditional telecommunications infrastructure on the network. SONET provides highly reliable services such as T1, T3, OC3 and high capacity circuits.

ACD will also deploy 10 gigabit Ethernet services on the network provide very cost effective pricing for cell tower and wireless site backhaul, helping to augment the broadband services in these areas. Wavelength services will also be available, where customer can put their own transmission equipment, and have dedicated capacity. ACD also has construction crews to build additional routes.

Along the network, an additional 25 collocation and regeneration sites will be built to house equipment. Fiber spurs can also be built to reach various sites along the routes. ACD monitors all connections from its 40,000 square foot datacenter facility in Lansing, MI.


About and ACD Telecom, Inc. has invested millions of dollars in its network. As a leading provider of telecommunications and Internet with a network that covers Michigan, provides digital telephone service and broadband via Ethernet, First Mile, fiber-optics, DSL, T1s, T3s, Wi-Fi, as well as hosting and datacenter services. is headquartered in Lansing, Mich. Learn more about and its commitment to the state of Michigan at

A Michigan-based company, ACD Telecom, Inc. in conjunction with, owns and maintains thousands of route-miles of fiber in communities throughout the state. The ACD fiber network connects to give businesses, institutions and other telecommunications carriers access to's high bandwidth and redundant backbone networks, and's MPLS network and's telephone services.

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