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July 7, 2010 constructs Muskegon Broadband Facilities to Service West Michigan
ACD completed construction of a new collocation point in Muskegon within Verizon and Frontier Territories. T1 lines are now available in West Michigan in Verizon/Frontier service territories at a fraction of the cost of other providers. New services including Ethernet First Mile Service, DSL, Phone, T1, Fiber Optic Service are now available in downtown Muskegon.
ACD technician hard at work
An ACD technician preparing equipment and performing wiring at the Muskegon Central Office.
LANSING, Mich. - ACD has constructed a collocation site in Muskegon, MI and now can provide very low-cost data and voice services in West Michigan using industry standard T1 lines.

ACD's construction of these facilities, which includes fiber transport to the Muskegon office is critical to lowering costs for businesses, governments, and schools in West Michigan. Industry standard T1 lines are now available from ACD for as little as $199 per month. Customers can now order phone service at prices far below the existing phone incumbent carriers.

"To support businesses, schools, and government agencies, we have significant expansion plans for West Michigan. After years of under investment, Verizon has elected to sell off its network in Michigan to Frontier. Our technology is much more advanced than the existing incumbent providers, and we offer substantial cost savings to customers in the Verizon/Frontier territories, for customers that have only had expensive service and limited choices," said Kevin Schoen, CEO of

ACD is constructing a fiber network that will serve thirty two counties in Michigan. The overall network, which is 955 miles, is slated for construction in 2011. The main Western Michigan Leg, which covers over 401 miles includes fiber-optic drop off points at Niles, St. Joseph, South Haven, Zeeland, Ludington, Beulah, Traverse City, Kalkaska, Charlevoix,and Petoskey, will connect the west Michigan region to ACD's fiber backbone. This network is funded partially by a federal program to increase capacity in more rural markets, and was awarded in February 2010 to ACD.

Ravitron, a phone and data integrator based in Benton Harbor Michigan, utilizes ACD's network facilities in Southwest Michigan to provide phone, internet, and network integration services to their customers. "ACD's continuing investments in West Michigan allow us to provide services to customers at very competitive rates. For customers in Verizon and Frontier territories, we have not had much of a choice. With ACD's network investment we will be able to significantly lower costs for customers in these markets," said Dave Ravitch, President of Ravitron.

ACD has already commenced turning up customers out of its new facilities.

About ACD and ACD Telecom, Inc. has invested millions of dollars in its network. As a leading provider of telecommunications and Internet with a network that covers Michigan, ACD provides digital telephone service and broadband via Ethernet, First Mile, fiber-optics, DSL, T1s, T3s, Wi-Fi, as well as hosting and datacenter services.. ACD is headquartered in Lansing, Mich. Learn more about ACD and its commitment to the state of Michigan at

A Michigan-based company, ACD Telecom, Inc. in conjunction with, owns and maintains thousands of route-miles of fiber in communities throughout the state. The ACD fiber network connects to give businesses, institutions and other telecommunications carriers access to ACD. high bandwidth and redundant backbone networks, and ACD. MPLS network and ACD. telephone services.

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