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May 13, 2010 Completes MetroCore Network Upgrade announces completion of network upgrade; bringing new technology to Lansing region.
Cisco 6509

Lansing, MI - ACD announces today the completion an upgrade; bringing a new generation network to the Lansing Metro Region. The upgraded network is based on the Cisco IP Next-Generation Network architecture utilizing Cisco 6500/7600 and 12000 Series Routers. The system has 20gb/s capacity per segment, and allows for full wire-speed performance with all functions and services in operation. The network was implemented to significantly increase capacity while also increasing control and reliability of such a high capacity network.

Kevin Schoen, CEO,, comments, "Often networks are built on a simple switched architecture which does not allow for granular traffic control. These older types of systems, although cheap, do not stand up to the demands for extremely high reliability. Our investment in the latest generation of core switches and routers ensures that we will have a significant reliability advantage over traditional networks. The new network topology designed to minimize latency and further increase network survivability, reliability and security to ensure an unmatched service quality for our customers. ACD. high performance IP network, one of the largest in the state, is ready to support critical next generation services including MPLS-TE, IPv6, Multicast, and security services throughout Michigan."

The system features:

IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6 is the new global standard for Internet Protocol Addressing. IPv6 is required to be implemented due to the depletion of remaining Internet Addresses, expected to occur in 2011 according to industry reports. ACD has been already assigned IPv6 addresses, and will be making IPv6 Addressing available to customers.
MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching allows us to decrease the number "hops" that the customer traffic takes. It is much more secure and reliable and has faster redundancy and failover than utilizing extensive VLAN Spanning across wide area networks. Failover occurs in less than 50 milliseconds on our network.
TE Traffic Engineering allows for the seamless flow of traffic, dynamic and intelligent re-pathing of traffic. The effect is that these systems mitigate risk of Denial of Service attacks by intelligent traffic classification. In additional full Quality of Service will be protected during any network disruption.
ACD has moved traffic over to the new platforms over the last four months. ACD plans to further expansions over the next year through the addition of bandwidth in high growth regions and facilities in key markets including Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Ann Arbor, St. Joseph, and Benton Harbor.
Phase 1 Build
Phase I Metropolitan Internet Exchange Network

Adna Technologies' "Fresh Approach to I.T." utilizes the ACD network for providing their customers a range of services that include hosting, virtualization, backup and their Managed Services Platform. "We use the ACD network extensively in delivering services to our customer base. Our mission from day one has been to deliver our clients the highest level of reliability and customer service." Adna provides a number of unique services that take the guesswork out of IT support and maintenance, providing predictable results at a predictable price. "We chose to deliver our services on ACD. network because put simply, it is a solid, reliable infrastructure that we know will allow us to deliver our services 24 x 7. Due to that infrastructure we can guarantee that our engineers will be able to provide remote support and maintenance to our customers whenever needed," said Nathan Robertson, President of Adna Technologies.

ACD. high performance IP network, one of the largest in the state, is ready to support critical next generation services including MPLS-TE, IPv6, Multicast, and security services throughout Michigan. The new network upgrades represent about $350,000 in new core switching and routing infrastructure. ACD is a highly reliable and low cost operator, because it focuses its investments in new network infrastructure.

About ACD and ACD Telecom, Inc.
A Michigan-based company, ACD Telecom, Inc. in conjunction with, owns and maintains thousands of route-miles of fiber in communities throughout the state. The ACD fiber network connects to give businesses, institutions and other telecommunication carriers access to ACD. high bandwidth and redundant backbone networks, ACD. MPLS network, and ACD. telephone services. ACD has invested millions of dollars in its network. As a leading provider of telecommunications and Internet with a network that covers Michigan, ACD provides digital telephone service and broadband via Fiber-Optics, Ethernet, T1s, and now Wi-Fi. ACD is headquartered in Lansing, Mich. Learn more about and its commitment to the state of Michigan at