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April 15, 2009
Springfield: Small Town, Really Big Technology for all of Michigan
ACD builds wireless network in the Springfield/Battle Creek Area.
Springfield, MI - "Our wireless network will change how residents and business owners use the Internet," says ACD president and CEO, Kevin Schoen, "Wireless systems in use today are like a trickling stream. Our Springfield and Lansing systems are like Niagara Falls." has the only successful WiFi network technology in the state now located in Springfield. This industrial grade technology reaches hundreds of users. Developed by, this network also serves greater Lansing, and the city uses the technology for police security cameras. ACD has had other Michigan municipalities and university campuses interested in offering this service and now with the federal stimulus money it may be possible to effectively expand this successful technology. and the city of Springfield commemorated the success SpringfieldNet WiFi with a ribbon cutting ceremony April 15 with City Manager Frank Peterson. The project was funded through a $750,000 grant obtained by Battle Creek Unlimited, the economic development group of Springfield, Battle Creek and Marshall.
ACD. network is reliable and has been servicing customers for years. Many other areas in Michigan, like Muskegon and Oakland Counties, and as far as Seattle, Wash. have been unsuccessful at creating wireless networks. ACD. engineering partnership with a U.S.-based international wireless equipment manufacturer, with ACD. deep engineering experience has positioned the wireless Internet service throughout the downtown Lansing and Springfield metro-area for success. Schoen says their systems have received national attention. constructed a seven-square-mile network in Springfield adjacent to Battle Creek, covering the entire city with WiFi Services. ACD intends to expand its coverage over the next year to areas of Battle Creek. Coverage maps and locations of the wireless units are located at ACD for the Lansing Metro and Springfield regions.
Older wireless systems work reasonably well for simple text e-mail, browsing the Internet and other low bandwidth functions. ACD. next-generation network allows users to make phone calls over the Internet (known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) and to send and receive massive documents such as blueprints and movies using laptop computers.
"To compete in a global marketplace, communities must have state-of-the-art infrastructure and a variety of broadband options. Affordable access is vital to a region," says Schoen. Springfield now has hundreds of end-users operating on the network and ACD is turning up additional customers each week.
A recent study done by Michigan State University finds widening the range of broadband benefits residents of rural areas. The study notes that the Internet is in fact used by a growing number of people for an increasing array of purposes. The demand and reliance on broadband connectivity for a range of educational and other business-related purposes appears certain.
A number of state policies have supported and will continue to support broadband deployment and use. The initiatives include: assembling task forces or commissions to evaluate broadband availability and that recommend targeted state activity to maximize the potential benefits of deployment; creating tax incentives for deployment policies; providing funds specifically for infrastructure roll out on the part of the private sector; using techniques of demand aggregation through public-private partnerships or using public services as anchor tenants for infrastructure development. The utility of having states undertake such activities is that they are able to cope with the granular level of detail and information that can help such programs operate most effectively.
Lansing-based ACD has a long track record of reaching out to Michigan's rural and underserved populations with broadband and is preparing to expand services. Wi-Fi in the News! has recently been featured in the news for their Wi-Fi efforts in Springfield. We've included the articles for your convenience!

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Customers may view the map of the Springfield and Battle Creek Wireless network here.
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